Faith Promise Missionaries

What is a Faith Promise Missionary?


Just as we partner with missionaries in prayer, we also partner with them through our financial giving as they follow the call God has on their lives. Without the financial support of fellow believers, these missionaries would not be able to do the work they are committed to do.


As its name suggests, faith promise mission giving is based on a faith commitment. In addition to regular tithes and offerings, each church member is challenged to give by faith to the mission program of the church, knowing that God will be faithful to provide the resources they need as they faithfully give. This is not a pledge to the church but to Christ and world missions.  

Mt. Zion Baptist Church is happy to sponsor the following FAITH Promise Missionaries.

Missionary / Organization

Ministry / Location

Calvary Refuge Center

Forest Park, GA

Hope Works

Atlanta, GA

Keith Keller

United World Mission, Germany

Harold Peasley

North American Mission Board, Canada

Brad Rostad

Christ the Cornerstone Mission (CCM)

Travis & Laura Sawyer    

Master's Mission

Andriana Figueroa

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Andrew & Alecia Teeuwen

Pioneers in Greece

Pregnancy Care Center

Clayton County

If you would like to make a donation to our FAITH Promise Missionaries, you may do so through our E-Giving page or contact the church office at 770-478-9842.